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The Hobie Trifoiler is no longer in production, but it is such a cool boat that we are maintaining this page just to share the story!

When was the last time you went 35 MPH or more in a sailboat? With the Hobie TriFoiler, your wildest dreams of speed can come true. The TriFoiler is quite simply, the most amazing sailing machine on the water today.

Take the pilot's seat in the center cockpit with all the sail and foil adjustments on the control panel in front of you and you're off. All it takes is 12 knots of wind for the three self-adjusting hydrofoils to lift off and you're flying! Check your speed on the built-in speedometer as you streak past everything else on the water while controlling your course with the steering pedals.

From speed runs, to the thrill of high G-force turns, the TriFoiler delivers excitement like nothing else can.

Check out the TriFoiler History Page

Original Specifications:
Beam: 19'
Mast Length: 18'
Sail Area: 215 Sq. Ft.
Weight: 320 lbs.
Designer: Greg Ketterman

Was offered with these Standard Features:
>> White Hulls with Colored Graphics
>> Colored Patented Multi-Sail Zippered Reefing Sails
>> Retractable Forward HydroFoils
>> Built-in Speedometer
>> Water-Tight Storage Compartment
>> How-to-Rig Video
>> Harken Blocks

Was offered with these Optional Features:
>> Custom Trailer
>> Trailer Ties

Note: Once again, the Hobie TriFoiler is out of production. We are maintaining these pages to further share the story of this amazing boat due to continued interst from the public.

Trifoiler Video:
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>> Download: Hobie Trifoiler Brochure
      (Adobe Acrobat / pdf 166KB)

>> Hobie TriFoiler Forum

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